Good things come in small packages. And large packages. And durable packages that protect even the most delicate products in mylar bags. KYND’s edible packaging is designed for virtually any edible from brownies and cookies to chocolates, candy, exlixers and more. To get started, simply select a packaging category below and submit a quote today!

Smell Proof Bags

Smell Proof Bags

Its not just a pouch, it’s your identity. Superior smell proof marijuana pouches customized for a variety of products.
Die-Cut Boxes

Die-Cut Boxes

One box does not fit all. Custom printed & branded die-cut boxes that communicate your message.
Metal Tins

Metal Tins

A convenient way to store your flower, pre-roll joints, and more, metal tins can be customized, molded, and shaped into the perfect packaging solution.
Dropper Bottles

Dropper Bottles

Communicate your brand’s innovation, superior quality and value in our customized dropper bottles.
Pop-Top Containers

Pop-Top Containers

Versatile, durable and a customer favorite, pop-top containers will quickly become the staple of your marijuana packaging.
Reversible Cap Vials

Reversible Cap Vials

Protect your marijuana with child resistant ASTM D certified airtight push and turn jars.



Whether you’re new or old to custom marijuana packaging, you know that ordering it can be complex. What size do I need? Do I need a child-resistant closure? How many colors can I imprint? When considering the different types of edible food packaging options available, you may feel overwhelmed with the selections. Don’t worry, that’s normal.

Pick your custom marijuana packaging based on durability, presentation, and product protection by requesting a quote through our website. We will be in communication with you to establish the perfect solution for your packaging needs – whether you have all the materials ready to discuss, or need help finding the right style.


After determining what type of custom marijuana packaging is right for your cannabis, selecting the size & materials for your packaging is the next step.  Crucial factors such as safety, functionality, sustainability, and shelf-appeal all play a role in determining the right fit for your marijuana.


Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand identity. It’s one of the first things that customers will notice about your company, so it’s essential that it makes a good first impression. At KYND, we provide graphic design services that not only reflect your brands message, but also showcase your products quality through beautifully designed custom marijuana packaging. Whether you have a current logo in need of creative support, or want to start from scratch, we can help your packaging evolve each step of the way.


At KYND, we’re all about quality without compromise. Once you fill out a quote through our website, our team of experts will work with our trusted factories to identify the right custom packaging solution for your marijuana. But that’s not all. Understanding the best way to source your packaging, obtaining multiple competitive bids from manufactures, and maximizing your logistical footprint are just a few examples of how our experienced team optimizes your packaging investment.


We’ll point you in the right direction to save costs without compromising on quality!


Or Keep Reading For More Info on Edibles Packaging

Understanding the Types of Cannabis Edibles Packaging

The different types of packaging for cannabis edibles vary widely, offering companies the opportunity to create distinct branding within the market. Biodegradable packaging provides several advantages, making it popular among both consumers and businesses. This form of packaging offers the dual advantage of being environmentally friendly and reducing overall waste from plastics, but also provides an added marketing perk— consumers appreciate companies that prioritize sustainability. Another type of packaging for edibles that we’re seeing more in the cannabis industry is portion control packaging. This type of custom edible packaging contains an exact amount of edibles, which assists consumers with dosage control. Given the particular nature of cannabis products, this type of packaging is beneficial for both consumer safety and product standardization. Overall, regardless of the type of packaging you use, it’s clear that packaging does more than just contain a product—it plays a critical role in a company’s market success, consumer appeal, and environmental footprint.

Choosing the Right Type of Packaging for Edibles

Companies must recognize that consumers, especially in the edibles and cannabis market, are becoming more discerning. They prefer branded edible packaging that’s functional, appealing, biodegradable, and safe for food products like cannabis edibles. Rightly so, the type of edible packaging you choose affects the company’s image and can make or break your presence in the highly competitive cannabis market. Consequently, companies are investing more in custom packaging, because it’s a direct reflection of the quality of their product and the company’s commitment to reducing plastic waste.

Exploring The Different Market Trends in Cannabis Edibles Packaging

The cannabis edibles market presents a diverse array of packaging types, each designed to cater to specific needs. Understanding these types is crucial to making an informed choice that fits your product. The types of cannabis packaging for edibles range from food-grade bags that maintain product freshness, to more specialized packaging tailor-made for portioning cannabis products.

Market trends in the edible packaging industry are constantly evolving, fueled by growing knowledge about the benefits of cannabis and a shift in regulations governing its use. One notable trend is the increased demand for sustainable solutions, leading to an uptick in biodegradable packaging options. While standard non-biodegradable packaging continues to be a staple, the market now sees a higher prevalence of biodegradable packaging solutions, all with the aim of reducing environmental impact while appealing to eco-conscious consumers.

It’s essential to keep tabs on market trends and select a packaging type that won’t just protect your product, but will also meet consumer demands and align with your brand’s ethos.

An Overview of Edible Packaging in the Cannabis Market

The cannabis market offers a diverse assortment of packaging types, each serving a unique purpose designed for a specific product. From portion-controlled packaging for higher-dose edibles to other edibles like brownies. One such type is the traditional mylar bags, a market staple appreciated for their convenience and versatility. Alternatively, the cannabis market has seen a rise in eco-friendly packaging inspired by the drive for sustainability. Both options are suitable for transporting and preserving edibles while maintaining their flavor and freshness.

Knowledge about these packaging materials enhances your ability to make sound decisions geared toward your product’s successful market position. Despite their differences, all branded packaging types aim to protect the products inside, while complying with the cannabis market’s stringent regulations. A carefully crafted design can subtly influence the customers’ perception of the product, serving as a palpable source of inspiration. An overview of these types can guide you toward securing the ideal custom edible packaging for your cannabis edibles. With the right type, your product can be enviably positioned in the rambunctious, riveting cannabis market.

Product Positioning Benefits of Custom Packaging in the Cannabis Industry

The benefits of custom packaging for edibles in the cannabis industry reveal many significant advantages. Using a custom design isn’t just about aesthetics, it’s about making your edibles stand out in a saturated market. With custom edible packaging, your product becomes easily recognizable, boosting its market presence. The bespoke design can also accommodate special features like child-resistant mylar bags, setting your edibles apart from their competitors. These bags made by expert manufacturers offer a safer option for consumers and add an extra level of trust to your brand. Another key benefit of edible packaging centers around sustainability. It’s an eco-friendly solution, as it’s made from compostable materials, thereby reducing waste emanating from plastic packaging. To sum it up, the nuances of custom packaging in the cannabis industry underscores its potential to enhance product positioning through a unique blend of safety, sustainability, and aesthetic design.

Ensuring Product Freshness with High-Quality Packaging for Edibles

The value of ensuring product freshness in the cannabis industry can’t be overstated. One effective way to guarantee this is through the use of high-quality packaging. This isn’t just about wrapping edibles in mylar bags and calling it a day. No, it’s about using custom mylar bags that are child-resistant while offering robust protection from elements like water and light while having a design that appeals to your target market. Furthermore, these custom printed mylar bags should also be crafted from high-quality biodegradable materials that aim to maintain product freshness.

Packaging manufacturers are at the front lines of this industry, constantly developing innovative designs and materials. For example, they’re making water-resistant and child-resistant packaging, which is a critical factor in the market. While you may not immediately get the design or materials right on the first go, most manufacturers offer samples that allow for testing and iterations to create the perfect product packaging. This commitment to creating the best possible product packaging has essentially made these manufacturers an invaluable partner for cannabis edible brands.

Selecting Suitable Types of Safety-Compliant Packaging for Cannabis Edibles

When you’re selecting suitable types of cannabis packaging for edibles, you’ve to consider several factors. The essential factors include safety-compliant materials with child-resistant features and information on the context in which the cannabis product will be consumed. Edible cannabis products may include candies, cookies, or baked goods like brownies. Packaging that keeps them fresh while also displaying appealing design elements and high-quality packaging can offer stability, clarity, and barrier resistance that can prolong the shelf life of your food items. On top of these functional elements, the design of the packaging needs to differentiate your brand in the highly competitive cannabis market.

Remember also to consider child-resistant packaging. The complexity of edible cannabis, combined with its allure to children, makes child-resistant packaging absolutely crucial in this market. With a careful selection of edible containers, rest assured your packaging can be both functional and compliant.

The Role of Packaging in Cannabis Edibles and Food Safety

The role of packaging in cannabis edibles isn’t solely about presenting the product in an appealing way, it also plays a pivotal role in ensuring food safety. The packaging design should factor in protective elements against biological, chemical, and physical hazards that can potentially compromise the cannabis edibles’ quality. The materials you use—be it plastic, cardboard, or eco-friendly options—shouldn’t alter the food’s integrity.

Plastic is a commonly-used material due to its versatility. With cannabis edibles, it prevents cross-contamination, providing a robust barrier against water, air, and other contaminants. This isn’t just a mere box holding a product—it offers a layer of protection that’s crucial in maintaining the food’s freshness.

But, compliant packaging can’t do it all. Ensuring product safety also relies heavily on proper handling, storage, and adherence to food safety standards. After all, poorly-made or handled packaging can equally pose risks. Therefore, the cannabis edibles industry must prioritize safe packaging methods, using materials that promote, not endanger, food safety.

Integrating High-Quality Packaging in Your Cannabis Business Strategy

Integrating branded edible packaging into your cannabis business strategy has several advantages. Firstly, it sets your company apart from competitors. It sends a clear message – your company is innovative, environmentally friendly, and customer-oriented. This sort of upgraded approach can often justify a higher price point for products, given the money and resources saved on regular plastic packaging.
In terms of practicality, branded edible packaging safeguards the quality and freshness of edibles, keeping them as fresh as you’d want your food. Current market trends strongly indicate growing popularity with environmentally conscious consumers. Yet, it’s not only about environmental considerations or a customer’s choice, it’s also about your brand’s uniqueness.

Moreover, custom edible packaging must fall within food safety regulations, providing an extra layer of assurance to both the company and the client. In the rapidly expanding cannabis industry, staying ahead means staying innovative. The advantages are clear – integrating high-quality packaging into your cannabis business strategy means bridging sustainability and functionality, all while ensuring your company maintains a competitive edge.

How Edible Packaging Improves the Consumer Experience

Being able to present cannabis edibles in a custom manner not only increases a product’s visual appeal but also influences its price perception. the edible packaging also creates a unique consumer experience as opposed to conventional plastic ones. Companies can even tailor the personalized edible packaging to complement the cannabis product, thus fostering a well-rounded and immersive customer experience.

Customizing Edible Packaging to Enhance Your Cannabis Product Appeal

Customizing edible packaging is a vital aspect of promoting cannabis products. By refining the design, you can significantly enhance your product’s appeal. An attractive package stands out, catching the consumer’s eye, and can directly affect the purchase decision. After all, first impressions matter and your product’s initial view is its packaging. Tailored packages also give a perception of quality, correlating directly with the price clients are willing to pay. So, it’s not just about what’s inside the edible container, but also how the edible container itself looks.

The edible cannabis market brims with a lot of products, and hence, differentiation is key. Customizing your edibles packaging allows your product to stand apart from competitors. This has a dual advantage – not only does it elevate your brand image, but it also helps shoppers easily identify your product among a sea of others. Further, custom packaging demonstrates a commitment to quality that’s necessary in the cannabis industry. Additionally, by reducing plastic in favor of bio-degradable packaging for your edibles, you can portray your enterprise as eco-friendly, resonating with today’s environmentally conscious consumers.

The Art of Packaging: Making Your Edible Cannabis Product Stand Out in Stores and Online

Art and design play pivotal roles in packaging your edibles, showing the unique features of your edible cannabis product in an appealing manner. When your product can stand out, it grabs customer attention, be it in stores or online. The packaging form used is as important as the product itself, with its UV finish, hot stamping, embossing, debossing, and creative designs acting as silent salespeople, urging customers to take a second look at your product.

While the price may come into play, the allure of an aesthetically pleasing custom edible package is undeniable. A well-designed package stands out, projecting an aura of quality and value. Hereby, if your product stands out in its design and cuspackaging, it gives an upper hand when pitted against similar cannabis products. As the cannabis industry progresses, it significantly becomes clear that the art of packaging isn’t merely about containment and protection. It’s about product appeal, it’s about making a statement and setting trends.