Elegant, on-trend custom pre roll tin packaging

Marijuana Packaging has significant impact on purchasing decisions. Custom pre roll tin packaging expresses who we are in the same manner that we buy pre rolled joints. Enter KYND’s pre roll tins. Our tin containers can house any pre roll size, from dog walker pre rolls to 1 gram pre rolls, blunts, infused pre rolls and more. Need tin containers with a lid? No problem. Do you want child-resistant features to secure your pre rolled cones? You got it. Our custom printed tins, which offer a number of full color printing options as well as embossing and debossing possibilities, are an excellent method to distinguish your pre roll joints from the competition.

A mini pre roll joint tin equipped to hold multiple pre rolled cones and features a blue matte finish with a metallic gold imprint embossed on a sleeve



A child resistant hinged lid pre roll tin in a bronze metallic color with embossing and a tamper evident seal that is designed fit multiple pre rolled cones
A multi pack pre roll cigarette slide tin featuring an intricate embossed design and a custom tamper evident label
A multi pack hinged lid pre roll tin sized to fit miniature dogwalker pre rolls and features a floral pattern with a Seattle logo
A 5 pack pre roll slide tin in black featuring a custom insert and an embossed logo on the front
A single pre roll slide for a king size pre rolled cone perched on top of a custom pre roll box with gold metallic logo imprinted on the cover
A mini dogwalker pre roll tin that holds 7 pre rolls and features an alice in wonderland styled embossed logo


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Eye-Catching Design

Communicate to consumers that your pre rolled cones are worth the investment. Create a compelling brand presence on the shelf with custom printed tins captivating consumers attention. With nearly limitless customization options to showcase a premium feel, tin containers enhance the overall perceived value of your pre rolls by providing endless design options.

Enhanced Barrier Properties

An excellent barrier against moisture, oxygen, light, and contaminants, pre roll tins are a secure and protective packaging solution for your pre rolls. Made of durable metal such as aluminum and tin plating, pre roll tins are renowned for the exceptional barrier properties, making them an ideal choice for packaging your pre rolled cones.

Secure Closures & Lids

Tin containers come with a variety of closure options, each providing distinct benefits in terms of functionality, convenience, and aesthetic appeal. Whether you prefer a hinged lid, a sliding cover, or a press-on lid for your pre rolls, custom printed tins offer a variety of alternatives with airtight sealing to keep your pre rolled cones fresh and high-quality.

Child-Resistant Functionality

Child-resistant tin cases are pre roll packaging solutions that are specifically designed to prevent inadvertent exposure to potentially hazardous substances. Custom printed tins feature innovative closure mechanisms that require specific actions, such as pushing and turning, as well as squeezing and pulling. Pre roll tins help reduce the risk to individuals that might accidentally be exposed to your pre rolled cones.


Our custom pre roll tins are available in a variety of sizes designed to fit any size, including dogwalker pre rolls, infused pre rolls, and 1 gram pre rolls. While small tin containers are perfect for single sized joints, large tin containers and bulk tin containers have a generous storage capacity and can accommodate pre rolled blunts, or multiple pre rolled cones.


Consumers are making greener choices. The recyclability, energy efficiency, durability, and reduced waste associated with tin containers contribute to their sustainability credentials, making them a preferred choice for your pre rolled cones and pre rolled joints. By choosing custom printed tins for packaging, you help minimize waste and promote a more eco-friendly environment.


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Benefits of Pre Roll Containers for your Pre Roll Cones:
Pre roll containers offer several advantages for storing pre roll cones, making them a preferred choice for custom tin packaging solutions among dispensaries and consumers. For starters, tin containers provide excellent protection against external elements such as moisture, light, and physical damage, guaranteeing that marijuana joints remain fresh and potent over time.

Furthermore, their durable construction maintains the integrity of the marijuana joints intact during transportation and storage, preventing them from being crushed or deformed. Pre roll tins also come with secure closures, such as hinged lids, slide covers, and press-on lids, which not only keep the pre rolls safe but also prevent unwanted access, particularly in households with children or pets.

More over, the portability of tin containers enables consumers to transport their marijuana joints conveniently and discreetly, whether it’s for personal use or sharing with friends.

Finally, metal tins are customizable, allowing cannabis brands to showcase their pre rolls and product information. Overall, the benefits of custom printed tins for storing pre rolled cones include protection, durability, security, portability, and customization, making them an ideal pre roll tin packaging solution for cannabis products.

How are Joint Tins made?
The manufacturing process of a joint tin, also known as cannabis pre roll tin packaging or cannabis pre roll packaging, involves several stages from start to finish. It begins with the fabrication of flat sheets of metal, typically tinplate or aluminum, which are then cut into specific sizes to make small tin containers, large tin containers, or bulk tins containers depending on the desired specifications.

These metal sheets undergo a series of shaping procedures, including pressing and drawing, to shape them into the desired tin container body, which can be cylindrical, rectangular, or another shape. The edges of the formed metal sheets are then crimped or folded to create a seamless and secure seam, ensuring the structural integrity of the pre roll tin. To complete the weed tin, the bottom is attached, either by welding or crimping, followed by the top, which is attached similarly.

Once assembled, the custom pre roll tins undergo various custom printing finishing processes, such as coating, screen printing, or embossing, to enhance their appearance and functionality. Quality control inspections are conducted throughout the custom packaging process to ensure that the joint tin meet strict quality standards and regulatory requirements.

Finally, the finished custom pre roll tins are packaged and prepared for distribution to customers, providing reliable and durable tin packaging solutions for pre rolls.

What customization options do I choose for my Pre Roll Tin Containers?
Tin containers offer a plethora of customization options, allowing cannabis brands to create unique and visually appealing custom packaging solutions that align with their identity and product messaging. Some common customization options include:

1. Printing: Tin containers can be printed with vibrant colors, intricate designs, and detailed graphics using techniques like lithography or digital printing. This allows brands to showcase their pre roll containers with logos, branding elements, product information, and eye-catching visuals on the custom tin container’s surface.

2. Embossing and Debossing: Embossing and debossing techniques create raised or recessed designs on the surface of tin containers, adding texture and tactile appeal. This customization option can enhance branding elements, create patterns, or add decorative elements that elevate the pre roll container’s aesthetics.

3. Metallic Finishes: Custom printed tins can be finished with metallic coatings or finishes, such as metallic paint, foil stamping, or metallic inks, to create a luxurious and premium look. These finishes add depth, shine, and sophistication to the weed tin, making it stand out on shelves and attract consumer attention.

4. Custom Shapes & Sizes: Metal tins can be customized in various shapes and sizes beyond the traditional cylindrical or rectangular forms. Cannabis brands can create unique shapes or dimensions that reflect their pre rolled cones or differentiate their custom tin packaging from competitors.

5. Custom Labels: Metal tins can be personalized with custom labels, stickers, or tags that feature unique messaging, personalized greetings, or individualized branding elements. This customization option adds a personal touch and allows cannabis brands to connect with consumers on a more intimate level.

Is a Pre Roll Container the right Tin Packaging solution for my Pre Rolled Cones?
When purchasing a weed tin for your rolled cones, several key factors should be considered to ensure it meets the specific requirements of storing and transporting cannabis products effectively.

First, evaluate the size and capacity of the pre roll container, ensuring that it can accommodate the desired quantity of joints comfortably while maintaining their shape and integrity.

Additionally, assess the material and construction of the custom printed pre roll tin, opting for durable and non-reactive materials like tinplate or aluminum that provide excellent protection against moisture, light, and physical damage. Consider the closure mechanism of the custom printed tins, ensuring it offers a secure and airtight seal to preserve the freshness and potency of the pre rolled joints. Child-Resistant pre roll container closures may be preferred to prevent unauthorized access, particularly in households with children. Furthermore, explore customization options such as printing, embossing, or specialty finishes to align the child resistant tin with your brand identity and messaging.

Finally, consider the overall quality, functionality, and price of the metal container to make an informed decision that meets your tin packaging needs and budget effectively. By carefully evaluating these factors, you can select a tin container that provides reliable protection, enhances product presentation, and complies with regulatory requirements for storing pre rolled cones securely.

What are the different types of Pre Roll Tin Packaging?
Tin containers come in various types, each designed to suit different pre roll tin packaging needs and preferences.

One common type is the slide top child resistant tin, featuring a lid that slides over the top of the container, providing a simple yet secure closure.

Another type is the screw-top pre roll container, equipped with a threaded lid that can be securely screwed onto the pre roll container, ensuring an airtight seal.

Press-on tins feature lids that are pressed onto the pre roll tins, creating a snug fit and easy access to the contents.

Hinged lid tins have a lid attached to the metal container with a hinge, allowing for convenient opening and closing without the risk of misplacing the lid.

Latch closure tins feature a metal latch that secures the lid in place when closed, providing added security.

Pull-ring tins have a metal ring that is pulled to remove the lid, offering a tamper-evident seal. These different types of tin containers provide various closure options, ensuring secure storage and convenient access to the contents while catering to different preferences and packaging requirements.