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There’s something incredibly appealing about customizing your own smell proof mylar bags.  Whether it is a child resistant mylar bag, exit bag, weed bag, or pre roll mylar bag, KYND’s custom mylar bags are designed to preserve the freshness and potency of any cannabis product.  Better yet, smell proof mylar bags can be personalized by cannabis companies with all of their branding elements – text, metallic inks, full color designs, and any kind of detailed logo to raise brand awareness and attract repeat business every time.




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Eye Catching Designs

Customizing a mylar smell proof bag for cannabis products is akin to crafting a masterpiece that encapsulates both practicality and aesthetics.  Imagine the possibilities: vibrant colors that catch the eye, intricate designs that tell a story, and logos that imprint themselves in the minds of consumers. With advanced printing techniques, every detail is rendered with precision, creating a visual feast that not only captivates but also communicates the essence of the brand.

Convenient Features

When it comes to enhancing a mylar pouch, the array of features available is as diverse as the cannabis products it aims to protect.  Re-closable zippers provide convenience and freshness preservation, allowing consumers to easily open and seal the mylar smell proof bag multiple times.  A tear notch offers a straightforward opening mechanism, ensuring effortless access to the contents while maintaining the weed bags sleek appearance.  From practical functionality to aesthetic appeal, the possibilities are endless when it comes to enriching a smell proof Mylar bag with innovative features.

Enhanced Barrier Properties

A smell proof bag for cannabis acts as a fortress, safeguarding its precious contents by effectively blocking moisture from escaping and oxygen from infiltrating. Constructed from high-quality Mylar material, a barrier bag boasts exceptional properties that create an impermeable shield against external elements. The multi-layered design forms a formidable defense, with each layer playing a crucial role in maintaining product integrity.

Cost Effective

Utilizing smell proof bags for cannabis products presents an efficient and cost-effective solution that can significantly reduce expenses across various aspects of the supply chain. These specialized barrier bags are crafted from lightweight yet durable materials, reducing shipping costs associated with heavier packaging alternatives. Moreover, their superior barrier properties minimize the risk of product spoilage or damage, leading to decreased losses and waste during transportation and storage.



Smell proof mylar bags offer a versatile canvas for customization, allowing them to be tailored to fit specific quantities of cannabis products with precision and efficiency. Whether it’s grams, eighths, quarters, or half ounces, these heat sealable bags can be customized in terms of size, shape, and features to accommodate various product volumes while maintaining freshness and integrity.

Child Resistant Functionality

Prioritizing cannabis safety with child resistant bags is paramount in today’s cannabis industry, where regulatory compliance and consumer trust are paramount. These specialized bags offer a crucial layer of protection, ensuring that cannabis products are safely stored away from the reach of children while preserving their freshness and potency. By incorporating child resistant features such as re-closable zippers, heat seals, or advanced locking mechanisms, smell mylar proof bags provide peace of mind to both businesses and consumers.


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Or Check Out our FAQ’s to Learn More About Smell Proof Mylar Bags:
Is a Mylar Smell Proof Bag available in different shapes & sizes?

Customizing the shape and size of a mylar smell proof bag offers businesses unparalleled flexibility in packaging their cannabis products.  From small, discreet pouches for single-use products to larger, more robust options for bulk items, the range of sizes available ensures that every product can be packaged securely and efficiently.

What Design Capabilities are offered for Custom Mylar Bags?

The design capabilities offered for custom mylar bags are extensive and versatile, providing businesses with the opportunity to create cannabis packaging that not only preserves product freshness but also elevates brand recognition and consumer engagement. These pouches can be fully customized with a myriad of design elements, including vibrant colors, intricate patterns, captivating graphics, and striking imagery. Advanced printing techniques such as digital printing, flexography, and gravure allow for precise reproduction of logos, branding elements, and product information, ensuring clarity and consistency across the packaging.

What Finishes can be applied to a Mylar Smell Proof Bag?

A diverse range of finishes can be applied to a mylar smell proof bag, offering businesses the opportunity to enhance the visual appeal and tactile experience of their packaging. These finishes can include matte, glossy, or satin coatings, each offering a unique aesthetic and texture. Matte finishes provide a soft, non-reflective appearance that exudes sophistication and elegance, ideal for brands aiming for a minimalist or understated look. On the other hand, glossy finishes offer a high-shine surface that enhances colors and graphics, creating a vibrant and eye-catching presentation that demands attention on retail shelves.

What Closure options are offered for Smell Proof Pouches?

Smell proof pouches offer a variety of closure options, catering to diverse cannabis flower packaging needs and preferences. Re-closable zippers are a popular choice, providing convenience and ease of use for consumers while maintaining product freshness and potency. Another common closure option is heat sealing, where the pouch is sealed shut using heat to create a tamper-evident barrier that safeguards against contamination and tampering. Tear notches are also frequently utilized, allowing consumers to easily tear open the pouch without the need for additional tools or equipment.

What additional features can be incorporated into Smell Proof Bags?

Smell proof bags can be enhanced with a variety of additional features to cater to the specific needs and preferences of cannabis businesses and consumers alike. Hanger holes offer convenient display options for retail environments, allowing the pouches to be hung on hooks or racks for easy visibility and accessibility. Rounded corners not only contribute to the aesthetics of the cannabis flower packaging but also provide a safer and more ergonomic design, reducing the risk of sharp edges that could potentially cause injury. Windows add a layer of transparency, enabling consumers to peek inside and inspect the product without compromising its freshness or integrity. Meanwhile, tear notches facilitate effortless opening of the pouches, eliminating the need for scissors or knives and ensuring a hassle-free user experience.

Are my Smell Proof Mylar Bags suitable for Edible Cannabis products?

Smell proof bags are exceptionally well-suited for packaging edible cannabis products, offering a combination of features that address the unique requirements of this segment. Edible cannabis products, such as gummies, chocolates, and baked goods, require packaging that effectively preserves their freshness, potency, and flavor while also ensuring regulatory compliance and consumer safety. Smell proof bags provide an airtight and moisture-resistant barrier that shields these delicate products from external elements, such as oxygen, moisture, light, and odor, which can degrade their quality over time.

Can Smell Proof Bags be customized with Branding & Logos?

Smell proof bags present a canvas ripe for customization, allowing businesses to infuse their branding and identity into every aspect of the packaging. With a plethora of options available, including metallic finishes, embossing, and unlimited color choices, brands can create truly unique and eye-catching packaging solutions.

Does a Smell Proof Barrier Bag comply with Industry Regulations for Cannabis Packaging?

Smell proof barrier bags are designed and engineered to comply with stringent industry regulations governing cannabis packaging, ensuring both legal compliance and consumer safety. These regulations often mandate specific requirements such as child resistant features, tamper evident seals, and custom labeling guidelines to protect consumers from accidental ingestion, tampering, and unauthorized access. Smell proof barrier bags can incorporate various child-resistant closures, such as re-closable zippers with child-resistant to prevent access by young children.

What Loading Types are available for Smell Proof Bags?

The key difference between front loading and bottom loading a smell proof bag lies in the method of filling or loading the bag with cannabis products. Front loading involves filling the bag through its opening at the top, allowing for easy access to the bag’s interior during the filling process. This method is commonly used for smaller-scale or manual operations and offers simplicity and convenience in packaging. On the other hand, bottom loading entails filling the bag through a pre-sealed bottom, which is then sealed afterward. Typically employed for automated or high-volume cannabis packaging operations, bottom loading offers increased efficiency and automation, making it suitable for large-scale manufacturing processes.

Can I order Custom Child Resistant Smell Proof Bags in different Sizes & Quantities?

Any smell proof Mylar pouch can be made child resistant by incorporating specialized closures or features designed to prevent young children from accessing the contents. Common child-resistant features include re-closable zippers with child-resistant locks, push-and-turn caps, tear-resistant materials, and innovative locking mechanisms that require dexterity to open.  These features are engineered to be challenging for children to open while remaining accessible to adults.