Tailored to your Taste: Custom Pre Roll Containers for Your Pre Rolls

Elevate your smoking experience with our beautifully designed pre roll containers, the epitome of sophistication and luxury. Crafted with precision and style, KYND’s pre roll containers are the perfect companion for your pre rolled cones, ensuring they remain fresh and flavorful until the moment you’re ready to indulge. Their sleek and transparent design not only showcases the quality of your pre rolls but also adds a touch of elegance to any smoking session.

A 5 pack paper pre roll pop tube tube designed to hold multiple pre rolls and features a color floral patterned logo



5 pack pre roll glass jar with a bronze screw-on lid and a metallic imprint that is stylish and a durable pre roll packaging solution
A two-tone multi pack paper pre roll tube customized to fit 5 pre rolled cones that includes a imprinted branded logo
A pre roll glass tube with a custom matte finish tamper evident label designed to fit 3 pre roll cones
A branded pre roll jar with a screw-on airtight tin lid featuring a custom label
A premium pre roll glass jar with a wood suction cup lid and a matte finish label promoting 20 pre rolled cones
A tinted pre roll glass tube with a child resistant bamboo airtight lid featuring a direct imprint for branding


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Eye Catching Design:

Pre roll containers offer a versatile canvas for brand expression, allowing customization to align perfectly with your vision. From incorporating custom labels to adding an imprint on the lid, or even direct printing on the jar itself, the possibilities are endless. These customizable features not only enhance the visual appeal of your per rolled joints but also serve as a powerful marketing tool, enabling you to showcase your brand identity and story effectively.

Enhanced Barrier Properties:

Pre roll containers play a vital role in preserving the freshness and quality of your pre rolled joints. With enhanced barrier properties, these containers create a protective environment that shields your pre-rolls from external elements such as moisture, light, and air. This is crucial for maintaining the potency and flavor of your product over time. By minimizing exposure to oxygen and humidity, the risk of premature degradation is significantly reduced, ensuring that each pre roll cone remains as fresh and potent as the day it was rolled.

Airtight Lids & Closures:

Our commitment to preserving the quality of your pre-rolls is reflected in our meticulous attention to detail. Each of our pre roll jars is meticulously designed with airtight lids and closures, ensuring an impenetrable barrier against external elements. By sealing out air and moisture, our jars maintain the freshness and potency of your pre rolls, safeguarding their flavor and efficacy for extended periods.


Our pre rolled joint containers offer versatility to meet your specific needs, available in a range of sizes to accommodate various quantities of pre-rolls. Whether you prefer a compact container for three pre roll joints, a mid-sized option for five, or a larger one capable of holding seven or more, we have you covered. With our diverse selection, you can easily tailor your marijuana packaging to suit your product lineup and customer preferences.

Child-Resistant Functionality:

By incorporating a child-resistant lid, our pre roll containers ensure safety without compromising accessibility. Engineered with innovative mechanisms, these airtight lids require a specific sequence of actions to open, deterring children while remaining user-friendly for adults. This design feature aligns with regulatory requirements in the cannabis markets, providing peace of mind to both producers and consumers when they purchase child resistant packaging.


Opting for a pre roll jar presents a sustainable cannabis packaging solution for infused pre rolls, aligning with eco-conscious practices without compromising on quality. Crafted from durable and reusable materials, our pre roll jars not only protect your pre roll cones but also minimize environmental impact by reducing single-use packaging waste. By choosing a sustainable option, you’re making a statement of commitment to the planet while elevating your cannabis brand’s image.


We’ll point you in the right direction!


Are Pre Roll Joint Containers smell proof?

Pre rolled cone containers are often designed to be smell proof to maintain the freshness and integrity of the pre rolls while minimizing any scent leakage. Typically, they feature airtight lids and seals that effectively trap odors within the container, preventing them from escaping and preserving the aroma of the pre-rolls. This is particularly important for users who prioritize discretion or need to comply with odor regulations in certain environments.


Can Pre Roll Containers be customized with branding or labeling?

Absolutely! Pre roll containers offer ample opportunities for customization to reflect your brand identity. You can incorporate your logo, brand colors, and messaging through various methods such as labels, direct printing, or custom imprints on the pre roll jar’s surface. Custom branding enhances brand recognition and reinforces your cannabis brands quality, helping you stand out in a competitive market.

Are Pre Roll Jars or Joint Tubes environmentally friendly?

Many pre roll jars are designed with sustainability in mind, utilizing eco-friendly materials and promoting reusable or recyclable custom packaging solutions. Manufacturers often prioritize using materials such as recyclable plastic pre roll tubes, biodegradable options, or recycled materials like glass pre roll tubes in their container designs. By choosing environmentally friendly pre roll joint tubes, businesses can demonstrate their commitment to reducing environmental impact and appeal to eco-conscious consumers.

What sizes of pre-roll containers are available?

Pre-roll containers come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different quantities of pre rolls, ranging from compact options for a of infused pre rolls to larger containers capable of holding multiple packs. Common sizes include containers for three, five, seven, or more pre rolled cones Choosing the right size depends on factors such as your product lineup, customer preferences, and storage needs.

Are Pre Roll Containers Child-Resistant?

Yes, many pre roll containers feature child-resistant designs to prevent unintended access by children while remaining accessible for adult users. These containers often include special closures or locking mechanisms like airtight lids that require specific actions or dexterity to open, reducing the risk of accidental ingestion or exposure. Child-resistant pre-roll containers help ensure product safety and compliance with regulations in markets where child resistant packaging is mandated.

What are some additional pre roll packaging options aside from containers and a glass jar?

The world of pre roll packaging offers a diverse array of options to suit different preferences and needs. From the classic pre roll tube, also known as a joint tube or doob tube, designed to hold individual pre-rolls securely and protect them from damage, to a blunt tube tailored for thicker wraps, each option caters to specific product types and sizes. Pre roll boxes provide a stylish and customizable packaging solution, ideal for presenting multiple pre-rolls in a sleek and branded manner. A Plastic tube offers a lightweight and durable alternative, often featuring airtight seals to preserve freshness. With this variety, cannabis brands can choose cannabis packaging that not only safeguards their products but also enhances their brand’s image and appeal to consumers.