Custom Mylar bags tailored for cannabis offer a blend of practicality and branding prowess in the burgeoning cannabis industry. These custom bags, crafted from durable and light-reflective Mylar material, provide an ideal environment for preserving the freshness and potency of cannabis products, shielding them from light, moisture, and oxygen. Beyond their functional attributes, the customization options allow cannabis brands to imprint their unique identity onto the cannabis packaging, capturing consumer attention and fostering brand loyalty. Whether adorned with vibrant graphics, informative labels, or distinctive logos, KYND’s custom Mylar bags serve as a tangible representation of a company’s commitment to quality and professionalism, while also complying with regulatory requirements and ensuring product integrity.



Smell proof mylar bags featuring vibrant, colorful designs depicting  various cannabis strains


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Eye Catching Design

Custom printed Mylar bags offer an exceptional canvas for vibrant designs, making them an indispensable asset for brands seeking to make a bold statement in the market. The reflective surface of a cannabis Mylar bag not only preserves the freshness and potency of cannabis products but also serves as a perfect backdrop for intricate and colorful designs. From vivid illustrations to striking patterns, the high-resolution printing capabilities coupled with KYND’s design services ensure that every detail pops with clarity and brilliance.

Seals & Closure Types

Customized Mylar bags offer a range of closure options to suit diverse preferences and product requirements.  Whether opting for a ziplock, child-proof zipper, heat seal, or tear notch closure, each option offers distinct advantages tailored to meet the needs of both cannabis brands and consumers, ensuring both convenience and safety in the packaging of cannabis products.

Enhanced Barrier Properties

Custom Mylar bags boast enhanced barrier properties, making them an optimal choice for packaging cannabis products. The Mylar packaging material, typically composed of polyester film, offers exceptional protection against external elements such as light, moisture, oxygen, and odors. This advanced barrier technology not only helps to preserve the freshness, flavor, and potency of cannabis products but also extends their shelf life.

Cost Effective

Custom printed Mylar bags offer a cost-effective solution for cannabis packaging without compromising on quality or brand aesthetics.  The customizable nature of weed mylar bags allows businesses to purchase a minimum order quantity that precisely matches their needs, minimizing excess inventory and storage costs.  Even better, the superior barrier properties of smell proof Mylar bags extend the shelf life of cannabis products, reducing the frequency of product spoilage or expiration, which can save businesses money in the long run.


Mylar packaging bags offer unparalleled versatility in shape and size, providing cannabis businesses with the flexibility to tailor custom packaging solutions to suit any product. Whether it’s accommodating pre rolled joints, edibles, concentrates, or bulk flower, manufacturers can easily adjust the dimensions and shape of custom Mylar bags to fit the specific requirements of their cannabis products.  From a stand up pouch for individual servings to larger custom printed mylar bags for bulk product packaging, Mylar packaging can be customized to meet various volume needs.

Child Resistant Functionality

Adding child resistant functionality to custom Mylar bags is crucial for ensuring the safety and compliance of cannabis products.  Integrating features such as a child resistant resealable zipper, or tear notches with a heat seal closure that require a tearing to access the cannabis creates a retail packaging solution that prioritizes safety without compromising on product integrity or user experience.


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Or Check Out our FAQ's to Learn More About Custom Mylar Bags:

What are the most popular Custom Mylar Bag sizes?

Custom Mylar bags come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different products and quantities, but some sizes stand out as particularly popular among consumers and businesses alike. Among the most favored sizes are those suitable for packaging different quantities of cannabis flower, typically ranging from 1/8th ounce (3.5 grams), 1/4 ounce (7 grams), ½ ounce (14 grams) and 1 ounce (28 grams). These sizes are ideal for individual or single-use servings, making them convenient for both consumers and dispensaries.

What Design Options are Available for Custom Printed Mylar Bags?

When it comes to designing custom Mylar bags, the options are virtually limitless, allowing businesses to create packaging solutions that align perfectly with their brand identity and product specifications. From vibrant graphics and bold logos to informative labels and product descriptions, a Mylar pouch offer ample space for captivating designs.

How Do I Choose the Right Closure Type for my Printed Mylar Bags?

Choosing the right closure type for printed mylar bags depends on several factors, including the specific needs of the product, user convenience, and regulatory requirements. Ziplock closures offer ease of use and resealability, making them ideal for products that require frequent access while maintaining freshness. For child resistant packaging bag, child-proof zipper closures provide an added layer of security, ensuring compliance with safety regulations and peace of mind for consumers. Heat seal closures offer tamper-evident protection, guaranteeing product integrity until opened by the end user. Tear notches paired with heat seal closures provide a simple yet effective opening mechanism without compromising on security.

How Does a Choice of Closure Type Impact the Child Resistance of a Custom Branded Mylar Bag?

Integrating a child resistant closure into a custom Mylar bag significantly enhances its safety and compliance, ensuring that cannabis products are securely sealed and inaccessible to children while remaining easily accessible to adults. Child resistant closures, such as zipper locks or a heat seal, require a deliberate series of actions or applied force to open, effectively preventing young children from accessing the contents.

Can I Request Specific Finishes for my Custom Branded Mylar Bags?

Custom Mylar bags offer a range of finishes that enhance both their visual appeal and tactile experience. Matte finishes provide a smooth, non-reflective surface, imparting a sophisticated and understated elegance to the mylar packaging bags. Gloss finishes, on the other hand, offer a high-shine, reflective surface that accentuates colors and graphics, lending a vibrant and eye-catching quality to the cut mylar bags. Metallic finishes add a luxurious touch, incorporating metallic pigments to create shimmering effects that exude premium quality. Furthermore, specialty finishes such as soft-touch or velvet coatings provide a tactile sensation that elevates the perceived value of the retail packaging.

What is the Minimum Order Quantity for Mylar Weed Bags?

The minimum order quantity for custom printed Mylar bags typically starts at 5000 pieces, which, in the realm of cannabis flower packaging production, is considered a reasonable quantity. While this might seem like a large number at first glance, it’s important to consider the benefits it offers. Ordering in bulk not only ensures cost-effectiveness but also provides businesses with an adequate supply of cannabis flower packaging to meet their needs over an extended period. Moreover, with the versatility of smell proof Mylar bags, brands can utilize them for various product lines and marketing initiatives, maximizing their investment.

Are Custom Mylar Bags Cost-Effective Compared to other Cannabis Flower Packaging options?

Custom Mylar bags offer a cost-effective cannabis flower packaging solution that simultaneously prioritizes product integrity, brand presentation, and operational efficiency.  The customizable nature of mylar weed bags allows businesses to order in quantities that precisely match their needs, minimizing excess inventory and storage costs.  Moreover, the durability of a Mylar pouch ensures that the contents remain protected throughout transportation and storage, eliminating the need for costly secondary product packaging materials.

Can I Upgrade my Custom Branded Mylar Bags with Features like Hang Holes & Tear Notches?

Adding features like hang holes and tear notches to a custom printed Mylar bag enhances both its functionality and convenience for consumers. Hang holes allow the mylar packaging bags to be easily displayed on hooks or racks, optimizing retail shelf space and maximizing visibility.  Tear notches, on the other hand, provide a convenient opening mechanism, allowing consumers to access the contents without the need for scissors or other tools.

Are Windows Available as an Upgrade for Custom Mylar Bags?

Windows are a valuable customization option available for custom printed Mylar bags, offering both practicality and visual appeal. These transparent panels provide consumers with a convenient way to view the contents of the stand up pouch, allowing them to assess product quality, quantity, and condition without the need to open the packaging.

How Do Rounded Corners Affect the Overall Look and Functionality of Custom Printed Mylar Bags?

Incorporating rounded corners into smell proof Mylar bags is a simple yet effective way to elevate their appearance and lend a touch of professionalism to the cannabis flower packaging. Rounded corners not only soften the overall aesthetic of the mylar bags but also create a sleek and modern look that appeals to consumers.