Marijuana’s performance once it hits the consumer’s hands is critical. Is it fresh? Was it stored and packaged properly? It’s critical that marijuana and marijuana infused products are protected against factors crucial to its quality and to ensure a longer shelf life. That’s why KYND is your solution for innovative cannabis flower packaging for marijuana flower, pre rolls, cannabis gummies, and more. To get started, simply select a cannabis packaging solution below and submit a quote today!

Custom Printed Mylar Bag

Custom Mylar Bags

Custom Mylar Bags not only safeguard your cannabis, but also elevate your consumers experience.
Glass Jars

Glass Jars

Draw attention to your premium flower in a crowded marketplace.
Pre Roll Tubes

Pre Roll Tubes

The official packaging solution for your pre rolled cones.
Reversible Cap Vials

Reversible Cap Vials

Protect your marijuana with child resistant ASTM certified airtight push and turn vials.
metal tins

Metal Tins

Molded and shaped into the perfect packaging solution.
Pop-Top Containers

Pop-Top Containers

Pop-top containers will quickly become the staple of your marijuana packaging.



Whether you’re new or old to custom flower packaging, you know that ordering it can be complex. What size custom mylar bag do I need? Do I need child resistant packaging, or sustainable packaging? How many colors can I imprint? When considering the different types of flower packaging options available, you may feel overwhelmed with the selections. Don’t worry, that’s normal.

Pick your custom flower packaging based on durability, presentation, and product protection by requesting a quote through our website. We will be in communication with you to establish the perfect solution for your flexible packaging needs – whether you have all the materials ready to discuss or need help finding the right style.

Additionally, to guarantee a seamless and effective flower packaging process, consider the practical factors like cost, production timelines, and scalability to ensure a smooth and efficient flower packaging process.  By carefully weighing these factors, you can select a custom flower packaging solution that complies with regulatory standards, enhances your brand, and satisfies your customer needs throughout the cannabis industry.


After determining what type of custom flower packaging is right for your weed, several factors must be considered to ensure optimal functionality and consumer satisfaction.  The size of a custom mylar bag, glass jars, pre roll tubes, or display boxes should accommodate the quantity and shape of the cannabis flower, edibles, cookies effectively, providing ample space to prevent compression or damage during transportation and storage.

Material selection for flower packaging is equally important, balancing factors such as product protection, sustainability, and brand image. Common materials include glass, plastic, metal, and various types of paper and cardboard.

In the end, to produce a custom flower packaging solution that improves both product appeal and sustainability, the material selected should align with brand values, regulatory requirements, and consumer preferences to create a flower packaging solution that enhances both product appeal and sustainability.


Your logo is the cornerstone of your brand identity. It’s one of the first things that customers will notice about your company, so it’s essential that it makes a good first impression. At KYND, we provide cannabis packaging design services that not only reflect your brands message, but also showcase your products quality through beautifully designed custom flower packaging. Whether you have a current logo in need of creative support, need custom labeling, or tamper evident options for dispensaries, or want to start from scratch, we can help your flower packaging evolve each step of the way.

Moreover, the brand identity of your custom mylar bags, cannabis jars, or a cannabis flower packaging box plays a crucial role in distinguishing your cannabis flower packaging in a crowded market while also reflecting the values and personality of your brand.  The design elements such as color scheme, typography, and imagery should align with the over brand image, whether its conveying luxury, sustainability, or a specific lifestyle.

By leveraging custom flower packaging as a storytelling platform, brands can establish a deeper connection with consumers, differentiate themselves from competitors, and build a loyal customer base invested in their brand narrative and values.


At KYND, we’re all about quality without compromise. Once you fill out a quote through our website, our team of experts will work with our trusted factories to identify the right cannabis flower packaging solution for your marijuana. But that’s not all. Understanding the best way to source your flower packaging, obtaining multiple competitive bids from manufactures, and maximizing your logistical footprint are just a few examples of how our experienced team optimizes your packaging investment.

Even better, submitting a quote for your custom flower packaging through the KYND Packaging website ensures accuracy and consistency in communication, as all relevant details can be inputted directly into an online form, minimizing the risk of miscommunication or errors compared to traditional methods like email, or phone inquiries.


We’ll point you in the right direction!


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Cannabis Flower Packaging for Superior Marijuana Packaging Options

Looking for a sensational solution to package your finely grown cannabis? You can’t go wrong with cannabis flower packaging. It’s revolutionizing the industry, truly providing a superior packaging option for marijuana buds. Why stick with pre-defined designs and sizes when you can have something tailored specifically for your product? Now, let’s talk about the many advantages these packaging options bring to the table.

Imagine having unique packaging that highlights your brand’s personality and distinctiveness. That’s exactly what you get with custom flower packaging. It’s not just about providing a protective layer for your buds; it’s also about marketing your brand. With every detail custom designed, from the color, size, to matte finishes and fold designs, you can showcase your brand’s essence, ensuring your product stands out on the shelf.

Another significant advantage is the flexibility of size options. Unlike pre-packaged options constrained by industry standards, custom flower packaging allows you to utilize every size. This feature is particularly essential when carrying different quantities and strains of cannabis. It assures each marijuana bud gets the special treatment it deserves.

Then comes the benefit of a matte finish. Bringing a classy and high-quality look to your cannabis flower packaging, a matte finish can be the distinguishing element from your competition. The chic and sensual feel not only adds to the customer’s unboxing experience, but also screams ‘premium’ in every look and touch. Don’t let generic packaging dim the sparkle of your exclusive cannabis. Cannabis flower packaging is the real game-changer – the perfect solution with advantages to make your cannabis impossible to ignore. Stand out, shine bright and let your cannabis do the rest of the talking.

Demand Attention with Eye-Catchy Cannabis Packaging: Stand Out With Custom Options

In the competitive marijuana market, the visual appeal of your cannabis packaging is paramount in catching the customer’s attention. With custom printed packaging designed to hold your cannabis flower, your product will surely stand out on the shelves. And it’s not just about making it look good; it’s equally about functionality and freshness. The custom mylar bags you choose can now come in many designs, or you can get creative with pre-designed sizes and samples. However, authenticity and originality are fundamental, giving birth to the concept of custom marijuana packaging.

Custom printed options allow the use of unique designs and sizes that reflect your brand’s personality and culture. They present a clear image to your customers about the quality of your marijuana, and when done right, it’s the perfect marketing tool to capture your targeted clientele. Custom printed mylar bags can be designed according to specific size requirements, and materials can be selected based on how clear or translucent they should be for customers. Custom samples can then be produced to test the feasibility and efficiency of the packaging before mass production.

Moreover, you cannot underestimate the importance of sensory experience with flower packaging. Customers want to smell, feel, and view the product before buying it. Clever use of clear windows in custom mylar bags or cannabis jars allows your customers to appreciate the quality of the cannabis while maintaining its freshness. This puts a greater emphasis on the combination of clear, quality cannabis flower packaging, and attractive, custom printed designs.

Custom marijuana packaging options allow your brand to genuinely connect with your target market. It gives you the opportunity to not only stand out from the rest but also to create a relationship with your customers that goes beyond mere transactions. Samples and pre-designed options allow for flexibility and creativity. All in all, superior packaging can play a pivotal role in the success of your marijuana business.

How to Refine Your Cannabis Flower Packaging Process: Elevate Your Marijuana Brand

Building a strong brand in the booming marijuana market requires attention to many details and one of them is cannabis flower packaging. From design to size, careful thought and effort need to go into this key aspect of your business. Effective flower packaging, tailored to the brand’s image and customer expectations can contribute significantly to creating and promoting a superior brand experience.

From the moment your product makes an appearance, your potential customer should recognize the packaging. Brand recognition is what primarily influences a buyer’s perception. It’s essential to develop a well-refined cannabis flower packaging process that echoes the brand’s ethos and quality. Choosing the right flower cannabis packaging equipment and materials, determining the best packaging process, maintaining meticulous quality control, and ensuring that your custom packaging reflects your brand is crucial to achieving success.

One of the most significant decisions to be made in cannabis flower packaging is the size. The size of your printed mylar bags should be in line with the size of your cannabis product, with an emphasis on making the packaging user-friendly while complying with packaging laws and guidelines. Then it’s about the design – it needs to be distinctive and convey key information in an aesthetically pleasing manner. Size and design are elements that need to be synced perfectly for the packaging to score.

Sourcing the right custom mylar bags is also vital to cannabis flower packaging – the materials have to be durable and able to protect the product effectively while reflecting high-quality cannabis. Extending custom options through the use of different types of bags, colors, and design elements can make your packaging more appealing while communicates your brand’s uniqueness and reliability.

Refining your packaging flower process is a sound investment in building a strong premium marijuana brand. The more you focus on details and offer custom options, the more you elevate the brand’s impression in the minds of consumers, ultimately leading to increased brand loyalty and higher sales.

Cannabis Flower Packaging Sizes - Why Bigger Isn’t Always Better

All too often, when discussing custom cannabis packaging, the idea that ‘bigger is better’ crops up. Yet size isn’t necessarily the determinant of superior packaging for marijuana. Custom design is playing an increasingly pivotal role in cannabis packaging, sparking a paradigm shift that’s elevating marijuana brands around the globe. Larger custom printed mylar bags don’t automatically make your product better; intelligent design does.

The size of your cannabis flower packaging is important because it directly influences product visibility, usability, and most importantly, customer appeal. But dominating shelf space isn’t everything when it comes to making your product stand out in a retail setting. Shoppers have a clear preference for packaging that is easy to handle, fitting comfortably into their hands and everyday carry items. Many customers prefer smaller bags these days because it’s more convenient and discreet.

More than just size, cannabis brands are now paying attention to the custom design of their flower packaging. Custom printed packaging puts your brand front and center, providing an optimal canvas for your signature style, logo, and brand colors. It is also crucial in setting apart your cannabis pre roll from the competition in a crowded marketplace.

A trend that’s fast gaining traction in cannabis flower packaging is the use of a clear pouch. These cannabis mylar bags highlight the quality of the product, letting customers see exactly what they’re buying before they add it to their cart. This transparency not only builds trust with customers but also encourages impulse buys as the quality of your product is showcased right on the shelf.

Designers of cannabis packaging are also turning their attention to smell proof mylar bags. These special bags are carefully designed to protect the integrity of pre rolled joints, keeping them fresh and potent until they reach the consumer. They provide an appealing window into the quality of your product, which is vital to any marijuana brand seeking to stand out in a competitive market.

Pay attention to the details: the custom design, clear visuals, and practical size should all be a part of your packaging strategy for superior marijuana marketing. One important detail is the finish, which we’ll cover in detail for you next.

Matte or Glossy: What's Your Choice for Cannabis Flower Packaging?

As you navigate the world of cannabis flower packaging, one choice you’re likely to face is whether to go for a matte or glossy finish. The kind of packaging used to house marijuana products can make a significant difference, not just in aesthetics but also in how your brand is perceived. For many, the decision between matte and glossy boil down to a matter of personal preference or brand image. However, by considering several factors like design, size, and material, you can make an informed choice.

To begin with, matte cannabis flower packaging offers a sophisticated, high-end feel. This finish is uncoated, meaning it defuses light, eliminating shine and glare. It may be an excellent option if you’re going for a classy, minimalist design. On the other hand, glossy cannabis packaging can be quite attention-grabbing. Glossy packaging has a shiny finish that reflects light, enhancing colors and making designs pop. This might be the perfect choice if you want your marijuana products to stand out on the shelves.

It’s worth considering the size of your packaging as well. Matte finishes usually look better on larger packages, while glossy finishes could make small cannabis flower packaging appear more prominent on the shelf.

Also, consider the practical considerations. Matte surfaces can better withstand scratches and fingerprints, keeping your custom mylar bags looking pristine. Glossy finishes, though shinier, can sometimes show scratches more readily, meaning your smell proof bags might not look their best after a bit of handling.

Remember, the aim is to create cannabis flower packaging that ticks all the right boxes in terms of both form and function. Between matte and glossy, the choice is ultimately yours. Remember, the decision should rely on what suits your brand, design, and the size of your custom mylar bags. In any case, a well-thought-out decision will see your marijuana brand wrapped in superior packaging, representing your product best.

The Ideal Custom Flower Packaging for Your Cannabis Flower: A Bold Approach to Marijuana Packaging

As a budding marijuana entrepreneur, you’re well aware of the importance of standout cannabis flower packaging. When designing the ideal custom packaging for your cannabis flower, think bold. A daring approach to custom marijuana packaging is sure to impress both consumers and competitors. Carefully selecting your flower packaging can significantly improve your sales and brand reputation. Using cannabis packaging that’s clear, innovative, and eye-catching is essential.

Not only does your cannabis packaging need to preserve your product’s integrity, but it also needs to dictate your cannabis brand’s overall image. This makes design an indispensable aspect of packaging. Taking an innovative approach to your design can set your marijuana brand apart from the competition. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different materials or finishes, like matte or glossy custom mylar bags. You may find matte finishes create a more premium feel whereas glossy finishes attract more attention on the shelf.

Furthermore, experiment with different forms of packaging, like custom mylar, smell proof jars, and joint tubes. Mylar bags are convenient and versatile, while weed jars are a great option for showcasing your product in a smell proof jar. Pre roll containers offer a unique and portable packaging solution that’s compact and discrete. Remember, you don’t have to stick to one mode of packaging. Mix and match to find what works best for your brand and product by split-testing to determine what sells best.

Before you finalize your cannabis flower packaging, it’s important to procure samples. This will allow you to see your products in their packaging and make any necessary adjustments before the final run. This can prevent you from making expensive mistakes down the line.

The ideal custom packaging for your cannabis flower will be a dynamic blend of clear design, versatility in custom mylar bags, weed jars, and pre roll tubes, and careful selection between matte or glossy finish. With this bold approach to marijuana packaging, your cannabis brand is bound to leave a lasting impression on consumers. Custom flower packaging isn’t just about covering your product – it’s about establishing your brand in a booming market.

Why Choose KYND Packaging for Your Brand's Flower Packaging Design

When it comes to flower packaging for your brand’s cannabis flower, there’s just one name that stands above the rest: KYND packaging. There’s no denying the importance of packaging design in the world of cannabis. With multitudes of brands vying for attention, your marijuana packaging needs to make an immediate impact. Here’s why you should choose KYND:

KYND’s design process is thorough. Ideas aren’t just pulled out of thin air; they’re cultivated meticulously from the seeds of your specifications. Whether you’re looking for a bold custom mylar bag design, a sleek pre roll tube design, or a classic weed jar design, KYND’s got you covered.

But KYND isn’t simplistic in its approach. The team knows that cannabis packaging isn’t a one-size-fits-all scenario. Different cannabis flower contents require different packaging sizes. Sometimes a bigger design isn’t better and it’s the subtle, sophisticated smaller design packaging that’ll grab attention. KYND knows how to nail this balance perfectly.

We’re also not bound by the constraints of traditional design. We’re willing to step outside conventional norms to actualize the unique vision that echoes your cannabis flower’s true essence. Whether that calls for a glossy finish or a matte mylar bag, we can match your every need.

KYND’s superior cannabis packaging extends to functionality too. Every roll that’s designed takes into consideration easy access for the customer. The dexterity lies in developing a design that’s not only visually inviting but also practical for the end user.

So illuminate your brand’s cannabis products with the impeccable flower packaging design of KYND. Let every bag, every roll, every jar scream the superiority of your exquisitely dank cannabis flower. Add the professionalism, expertise, and creativity of KYND packaging today!