Edible Packaging

6 Creative Ways to Package Edibles

As you read about packaging edibles, you’ll learn:

  • Why proper packaging is so important when it comes to cannabis products.
  • Various ways to package edibles, and the unique benefits of each option.

When it comes to edibles, ensuring that they’re properly packaged is imperative. However, the packaging should also be enticing and catch the eye of your customers. Luckily, there is room for both function and flair. If you’re wondering how to package edibles in a way that is as attractive as it is practical, you’re in luck. Here are six creative ways to package and store your edibles, but first, a quick note about why proper packaging is so important.

“When it comes to edibles, ensuring that they’re properly packaged is imperative.”

The Importance of Proper Packaging

A common misconception is the belief that in order to block odor, a receptacle must be airtight — like a sealed container or mason jar.

However, as cannabis is intended for adult use only, it’s important to ensure that edibles are stored in a way where they won’t be confused with anything meant for children or those not wishing to consume cannabis. Proper labeling is a must. When packaging your edibles, be sure that clear, concise labeling is at the forefront of your operation. Now, what kinds of packaging to use? Great question.


1. Boxes

Boxes are a great way to showcase your branding and can store edibles of any size and shape. Die-cut boxes are easily customizable, so the creative possibilities are endless. Boxes have plenty of room for your unique branding, as well as the other pertinent information you need to display.

When using cardboard boxes, it’s important to keep the matter of your edibles in mind. When packaging edibles that are a bit more oily, you may need to use a coated cardboard or even a box liner.

2. Bags and Pouches

Think outside the box with bags. These are a great way to package edibles conveniently and stylishly. Like boxes, bags are easily customized so your unique branding can be on display. Better yet, you can have a translucent window on the bag, showing the contents inside. This is particularly great if the edibles themselves are attractive. Most bags are resealable, making them a great option for those seeking freshness as well as convenience.

Smell-proof pouches are another innovation taking the cannabis world by storm. For those who prefer discretion, these bags keep odors at bay while sealing in freshness.

3. Glass Jars and Bottles

There is an elegance that comes with storing things in glass. Whether it’s food, cosmetics, household items or edibles, glass is a timeless go-to. If you’re looking to elevate the look of your edibles in a minimalistic way, package them in a glass jar with a simple and classy label.

While clear glass gives edibles an upscale look, there are benefits to colored glass as well. For items that may be photosensitive, especially oils and tinctures, using dark glass is a great way to prolong the shelf life. The glass won’t react with the substances inside, and the light won’t get in to deteriorate the product.

4. Metal Tins

Another timeless go-to, tins are a great way to store edibles securely. Most tins can be customized easily, and many are airtight and even leak-resistant. These conveniences make tins another timeless choice, as well as a practical one. When packaging edibles that may be a bit more fragile, tins are a great option, especially for customers who are often on the go. When tossed in a backpack, edibles in a tin are far more protected than those in a bag or cardboard box.

5. Pop-Top Containers

Pop-top containers are a wonderful innovation in the world of cannabis packaging. For users with conditions that make opening common pill bottles difficult, pop-top containers are a welcome solution. Better yet, they’re airtight, leak-proof and made of medical-grade polypropylene. Customizing these unique bottles is easy so you can still catch the eye of your consumers while offering an easy-to-open option.

6. Reversible Cap Bottles

You’d recognize reversible cap bottles as your common prescription pill bottles. Lids on these bottles require a simultaneous push and turn, making them a great option for those seeking a child-resistant storage option. These bottles are durable and easily customizable, and with a variety of size options available, there are countless ways to make this packaging your own. If your products are sensitive to light, covering the outside of these airtight bottles with your unique and alluring branding is a great way to keep your product fresh and looking great.

As you can see, the possibilities are endless when deciding how to package edibles. Design your unique branding first, then decide which option suits your product while also being a great way to showcase your style.


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