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How To Package Cannabis Concentrate

The best way to package your cannabis concentrate depends on the consistency of the concentrate. Generally, plastic and glass containers are ideal. Most have easily accessible lids that create an airtight seal, and they are often customizable.  

When exposed to moisture, light, air, or irregular temperatures, cannabis concentrate can break down and lose its potency. As such, proper packaging is critical to maintaining a high-quality product. Since no two concentrates are the same, deciding what qualifies as proper packaging is easier said than done.

“Determining the type of concentrate you have is the first step toward choosing the ideal way to package it.

What’s the Best Way To Package Cannabis Concentrate?

The best way to package cannabis concentrate depends on the texture of the concentrate, as some containers cannot accommodate certain consistencies. Parchment paper, for example, would soak up liquid concentrates, while most solvents won’t fit into small bottles. Thus, determining the type of concentrate you have is the first step toward choosing the ideal way to package it. 


If your concentrate is solid, an open-top metal tin or plastic pouch is the best concentrate container for long-term storage. Before purchasing, make sure the container is airtight. There is a lot of variability when it comes to metal and plastic packaging, but an airtight seal is necessary to avoid continual exposure to oxygen, which can degrade concentrates over time. 

For a short-term fix, you can also use parchment or wax paper, carefully wrapped to preserve the concentrate’s freshness. Obviously, parchment paper won’t work for liquid forms of concentrate, but it’s a popular option for crystalline forms, as each piece can be individually wrapped to ensure proper protection. For optimal results, keep the wrapped pieces of concentrate in another container, as this adds an additional layer of protection. 


For watery concentrates, glass jars offer not only the most attractive options but also the best protection. Small glass bottles typically come with twist tops, especially when holding oils and distillates, which often rely on droppers to administer controlled doses of concentrate. Snap-top and pop-top lids are also common, especially if investing in a sizeable glass jar. In addition to being easy to use, these tops usually create a reliable seal. Glass containers also keep their contents from suffering the effects of excessive heat or light exposure, and most are equally capable of ensuring moisture never permeates the seal. 

Another option for liquid concentrates is a plastic or silicone bottle. Many distilleries and hemp shops rely on plastic and silicone packaging, as each is a reliable alternative to less durable and more expensive glass equivalents. Plastic and silicone products, however, are not suitable for long-term storage, as they are rarely airtight. Some cannabis enthusiasts nevertheless prefer a disposable, non-breakable container, especially if they intend to use the product quickly or while traveling.

Thick Liquids and Semi-Solids

Some concentrates, such as wax and budder, are not quite liquids or solids. Many cannabis users find that polystyrene containers, which are commonly used for balms, salves, and beauty products, are the perfect choice for concentrates of this consistency. Their compact size and easy-to-open twist tops make them a clear winner amongst users who prefer accessibility above all else. 

Polystyrene containers are available in a wide range of sizes, all of which can be made to look just as clean and modern as a glass jar. You can find these containers in various shapes, too, if you want a break from traditional jars and bottles. Polystyrene containers can also hold smaller solvent-style concentrates, such as resin and rosin.

What Else Is Necessary To Ensure Proper Storage?


Regardless of your container preferences, the best way to preserve the freshness of your cannabis concentrate is to avoid stashing the products in warm or humid environments. Concentrate should not be exposed to sunlight either, so consider storing your products in a room with few windows and minimal natural light. To ensure lasting quality, keep products in the refrigerator. Some concentrates can even be frozen. 


Although customizing your containers is not a necessity, it’s a great way to create exactly what you need if you’re having a hard time finding the right fit. Custom creations are also ideal for retailers trying to build a consistent brand through eye-catching packaging that is both unique and memorable. Doing so is a great way to add some personality to your products without sacrificing quality. 

The Bottom Line 

When it comes to protecting your cannabis concentrate, the most important thing you can do is store it in a container that creates an airtight seal, blocking out oxygen, sunlight, heat, and moisture. Proper storage, which varies based on the concentrate’s consistency, ensures that your product retains full potency as well as its natural taste and texture. For more information on how to package cannabis concentrate, explore our customized container options, so you never again have to choose between functionality and style.


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