How Do Smell Proof Bags Work?

Marijuana didn’t earn the nickname “skunk” without reason. Indeed, the substance tends to emanate a pungent odor that can immediately alert anybody in the vicinity to its presence. This smell is produced by compounds that are called terpenes or terpenoids. These aromatic oils developed to repel predators and attract pollination, but for the modern marijuana user, they serve little practical purpose. What can be done to minimize the stink? There are a number of solutions that claim to mask the scent, but smell proof bags are one of the few products that can prevent it from spreading in the first place.

“There are a number of solutions that claim to mask the scent, but smell proof bags are one of the few products that can prevent it from spreading in the first place.”

Let’s Dive In


A common misconception is the belief that in order to block odor, a receptacle must be airtight — like a sealed container or mason jar.

Contrary to this belief, however, modern technology has innovated many new ways to contain odors that are simpler and even more effective than prior methods. This technology is at the root of smell proof bags.

Smell-proof bags are designed with multiple layers that work together to contain the scent of the contents. Different bags use different materials, but smell proof bags all utilize a similar lining that contains activated carbon inserted between the inner layer and the exterior shell of the bag. This construction effectively blocks odor in the following ways:

  • Activated charcoal has a porous texture that attracts gaseous odors.
  • Micropockets in the charcoal layer trap in and effectively neutralize odor.
  • The multiple layers ensure that odor cannot escape the bag.

Many people wonder are Ziploc bags smell proof, but because they are porous and contain no charcoal filter, they allow odor to pass. The features of smell proof bags, on the other hand, make it one of the most reliable and technologically advanced ways to store any odorous material — including marijuana. Whether you’re stashing for a long trip or simply making your way home from the dispensary, you know that discretion is key, and nothing is more discreet than a smell proof bag.


The benefits of using a smell proof bag are immediately apparent. Transport your weed discreetly and conveniently without the worry of an odor that might reveal your activities to nearby people. The benefits of a smell proof bag go far beyond its obvious appeal, though. There are many other benefits to using a smell proof bag, such as the following:

  • Conceal both the sight and smell of what is inside your bag
  • Maintain the freshness of contents by keeping out moisture from the bag
  • Shield contents from UV exposure that can contribute to oxidation

Glass jars and other containers may conceal smell while visually revealing their contents, but a smell proof bag completely hides what’s inside. This is important because you may conceal the odor of your stash but still find yourself in a bad situation if somebody simply sees what you’re carrying. Avoid detection completely by storing in a smell proof bag that’s completely opaque.

Maintaining freshness is yet another concern that is too often overlooked. If you store your weed in a place where it is liable to get wet, you run the risk of having your stash destroyed by mold. Even if mold does not develop, marijuana that has been exposed to moisture is nearly impossible to grind in a grinder — and even more difficult to burn.

Lastly, you might not think of the sun as a threat to your stash, but prolonged exposure to UV rays can, in fact, contribute to oxidation and the eventual degradation of your weed. If you keep your stash in a container that is transparent and it happens to be exposed to the sun, you could see the potency of your supply substantially reduced due to the detrimental effects of UV exposure.


Smell proof bags provide protection that keeps their contents undetectable to the human nose. What about canine noses, though — and specifically those that are trained to detect the scent of marijuana? Do smell proof bags work against sniffer dogs? This is an important question to ask if there’s any possibility that you might encounter such a dog, but unfortunately, there’s not a simple answer. Some sources say yes and some say no.

There are a few major factors to keep in mind when you’re contemplating whether to risk the possibility of canine detection. You should consider, of course, the likelihood of such an encounter. If you are at an airport or another place where such dogs are likely to be present, then of course you should err on the side of caution. If you do not anticipate such an encounter, then consider the following factors in minimizing the chances of detection:

  • Dogs cannot smell through an airtight container such as a sealed jar.
  • Exterior contamination of bag with residue may contribute to detection.
  • Any porous material is liable to be detected by drug dogs.

Though it cannot be guaranteed that a smell proof bag will protect your stash from the senses of trained drug dogs, the bare human nose cannot detect the contents of your bag. In addition to deterring human detection, your smell proof bag protects your stash from contamination, visual detection, and oxidation. Invest in protection and prevention with a smell proof bag that shields your stash from prying eyes — and noses!


Any devotee of weed knows that there can be serious consequences if your habit is found out. In the best-case scenario, you might wind up being awkwardly asked to share your precious stash. In the worst-case scenario, you can face legal consequences that seriously disrupt your future. Protecting yourself and your stash is the best thing you can do and one of the wisest investments you can make. A smell proof bag is the easiest and most affordable way to accomplish this and maintain complete discretion when you are transporting your stash from place to place.